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    In his four decades as an insurance professional, Wellman Shew has witnessed many changes in the national and California insurance industries. In Fresno, California, he is the owner, president, and agency manager of Shew & Company Insurance Services.


    The insurance brokerage he founded in 2005 specializes in employee benefits. In addition to employee benefits, he is an expert in life insurance.


    Disability insurance

    Extended care insurance

    Section 125 health savings accounts and Plans

    401k plans


    Whether the client is a large corporation seeking to provide first-rate employee benefits or an individual seeking cost-effective options for health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits, we can help.


    Achievements of the Insurance Sector

    In February of 2022, Wellman celebrated his 40th year as an insurance agent in California. His tenure on the state's insurance market attests to his proficiency and professionalism. His career has been lauded for its excellence, and it should continue for many years to come.


    Shew was previously named a member of the year by the Central California Association of Health Underwriters (CCAHU) for his devoted and exceptional service as one of California's finest insurance professionals.


    Organizations like the CCAHU allow him to make significant connections within the California insurance industry. These connections allow him to provide clients with the best insurance products at the most competitive prices.


    Shew is a Certified Financial Planner and a highly regarded veteran of the California insurance market.

    Registered health underwriter.

    Chartered life underwriter.

    Consultant registered in employee benefits.


    Wellman's expertise is so well-known and esteemed that he was featured on the April 2004 Employee Benefits Selling magazine issue cover. The magazine's cover story highlighted Shew's insurance and employee benefits expertise.


    Fresno city officials also proclaimed Wellman Shew Day to honor his commitment to exemplary service and community service. The proclamation recognized his community service and positive interactions with residents and employers.


    Observant of the Continually Evolving Insurance Industry

    With decades of experience assisting Californians and local employers in obtaining quality insurance to protect themselves and their businesses, Wellman has witnessed numerous changes in the state and national insurance industries.


    The most prominent is the Affordable Care Act, which mandates that individuals obtain health insurance and that most employers provide group health insurance benefits to employees who clock 30 or more hours per week. He assists individuals and employers in meeting federal and state health insurance coverage requirements.


    Numerous small businesses in the Fresno metropolitan area are especially susceptible to potentially high costs associated with providing group health insurance benefits. He assists them in providing their respective employees with affordable, high-quality health insurance.


    Individuals and business owners can obtain quality insurance coverage and provide valuable employee benefits with their assistance. He is an expert on high-deductible health insurance plans, health savings accounts, and long- and short-term disability insurance.


    Shew also specializes in umbrella insurance and educates clients and general consumers on the coverage that protects against costs that may exceed the limits of other insurance policies. On his blog, he imparts his diverse knowledge so that consumers from all walks of life and occupations can learn how to purchase valuable and affordable insurance.


    Recently, he launched his website and blog at WellmanShew.com. There, he frequently publishes blog entries that describe recent changes in the insurance industry and the current and potential future effects of constantly evolving insurance laws and regulations.


    Education and Employment History

    Wellman Shew is a Fresno native who graduated from Central Union High School and California State University-Fresno with a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1981.


    After completing his bachelor's degree, he became a licensed insurance producer in California in 1982 and has since established himself as one of the state's top insurance professionals.


    His first job in the insurance industry was as a Fresno-based Fraser & Associates broker. He spent eight years with Fraser & Associates before joining other insurance agencies and establishing Shew & Company Insurance Services.


    He endeavors to provide clients with the best insurance services possible and assists them in acquiring the best insurance products at affordable prices. He offers insurance solutions to individuals and groups and has access to many of the best insurance products underwritten by California's most reputable and prestigious insurance companies.


    Community Participation

    Wellman is also an active supporter and member of Clovis Hills Community Church. He believes in providing his fellow congregants with the best possible place of worship and participating in community outreach initiatives that improve the lives of his fellow Fresnans.


    In 2020, Wellman Shew joined the board of directors of Total Life Change, which empowers individuals to improve their health and well-being through significant life changes. Changes may include dietary modifications that enhance nutrition and health. In addition, they may include acquiring marketable job skills, enrolling in college, or making positive career changes.

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